Very soon our trilateral Science Slam will be up for round 2 in Göttingen. In cooperation with the German-American Fulbright comission and the German-Russian NGO »Deutsch-Russisches Forum e.V.«, we’re putting on a Science Slam featuring guests and speakers from all three countries.

Eversy Slammer will perform in their mother tongue. For the Russian talks we’ll have a simultaneous translation into English and the show will start at 8pm at Junges Theater.

Admission is free and you can register


And these are the slammers we can all look forward to:


Maria-Elena Vorrath (Deutschland):

What happens if you leave the freezer door open? Right, stuff melts. Using the example of ancient Antarctic sea ice, Maria-Elena Vorrath investigates whether the same would happen in the Antarctic – our planet´s “refrigerator”. Her science slam will show how polar research is like a crime film – and how difficult it is to find traces of melted ice.


Daniel Angerhausen (Deutschland):

Why do astronomers put telescopes high in the mountains or even on satellites in space? Daniel Angerhausen explains: he is searching for life in the universe and thinks that we will likely find some within 10 to 20 years. (He hopes for an “Aha!“ moment rather than a terrifying “uh-oh!“)


Anna Eremina (Russland):

Crosswind – it can be strong and sometimes destructive. How to calculate its strength? What adjustments for wind need to be made, for example, by a pilot of an airplane? Anna Eremina reports on how knowledge of theoretical physics helps with wind research.


Anton Yarkin (Russland):

Anton Yarkin claims that frost and cold do not only pose problems for people in Siberia, but also provide true benefits – as a resource for improving health and adapting to shifting climate conditions.


Adam Blitz (USA):

When is a door not a door? When it is ajar/a jar? The same might be asked of an ancient Byzantine synagogue mosaic floor, especially when it is has been sliced and diced, stripped of its social context and hung on museum walls several thousands of miles away. The challenge that Adam Blitz shares with you is to how we can overcome this dystopia with recourse to digital restoration and 3D technology. How we can approximate the experience of walking on the floor – how we might hop, skip and jump back to 4th century Syria – anew.


Moderator/Host: Drew Portnoy

Drew Portnoy is a bi-lingual comedian and journalist who’s known as much for his dry, insightful humor as his ability to keep events on-track and entertaining. He’s an American by birth and a Berliner by choice, and regularly has audiences laughing in continental Europe and the US. He’s hosted the Berlin Music Video Awards and has crowned science slam champions on behalf of policult in Potsdam, Berlin and at Germany Week in Chicago.


Sibylle Groß
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Andrew Portnoy, Moderator: Yannick Lampert
Anna Eremina: Ekaterina Panina
Julia Cha: Teresa Lin
Daniel Angerhausen: Karo Krämer
Adam Blitz: Adam Blitz
Maria-Elena: Foto Cario
Anton Yarkin: Sibylle Groß