Admittedly, when asked if „team enlargement“ in times of social distancing is really the best idea, one would typically answer in the negative. And when we continue to think about the current circumstances, which are unlikely to change for the better in the foreseeable future, this „no“ would probably only be all the louder. However, new challenges require new approaches and these are sometimes accompanied by new hires and exciting new projects.
Accordingly, there are two updates out of the house of policult of which I am happy to report:

The first, is me – Lisa Depenbrock, communications expert with a background in psychology and economics. With my years of experience in the event industry and as an independent consultant, I will actively support policult in a manner of tasks from format development to event organization and lecture coaching.
The second is, that after various meetings with clients, we have rolled up our sleeves and developed truly exciting new event concepts and coaching sessions that are up to the challenges of online communication.

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